Experienced foosball players also have preferred table types, but inexperienced players can’t grasp the distinctions. Various tastes in the equipment and play patterns have contributed to slight differences in the bench’s construction and design.


Usually, Italian tabletop foosball tables made with a glass on top design and a rubber ball make the game quicker and harder to manage than other styles. Player bits typically made of plastic (called as “foos men”). Mostly Italian tables come with single goalies and spring bumpers on the corners ends which raise the bounce of balls as the rods push. Although the table design varies drastically, Italian table tables also have a crazy, reactionary and somewhat unpredictable game and encourage passing, shots and tricks.


They also have telescopic rods that only travel in & out from the handle’s side and are safer to pick from in narrower places. Usually, unbalanced heavy players are made up of metals. This combination of a heavy player, a light, influential ball along with a soft playing field allows a slower, slightly more adhesive game, enhancing finesse.


US foosball tables constructed from heavy, rigid, fast-play surfaces. The tables are typically boxy in terms of looks along with the straight legs. Building and materials contribute to a mixture of French cum German style, but the construction, in general, is quite diverse. Many of the American tables are toys(plastic) to youngsters, while others design for home furnishings.


German foosball tables use a hard surface for playing along with the curves and boxed feet in acrylic. The players mount directly as a single piece on the rods to ensure accurate movements. The tables are made of stiff yet slippery components for playback (high-speed) and optimal ball & player movement.


There are many characteristics of Spanish foosball tables to differentiate. The men put in a more practical soccer squad made to play more difficult by a goalkeeper, each three defense and midfielders players along with four offensive players. Other types of the table have one goalkeeper, two defensive’s, five midfield, three attacking players—these players made from two hard metal feet, and not one toe. A ground curve is there on some of the Spanish tables to drive the ball into the centerline makes it impossible to carry the ball in front of the man.

If You Pick The Right Tabletop Foosball Table What To Remember?

The best tables of foosball are of quality, playful offensive materials that last for years.

Material and Stuff :

Foosball tables is constructed to look alike games in arcades, furnishings or art pieces. The tables’ bodies consist of laminated MDF sheets, splinter, acrylic and aluminum. Surface play affects the game as a whole. The ball is quickly bouncing and rolling with rough slick surfs such as plexiglass, glass and acrylic. The game is more regulated on linoleum and wood surfaces.


A foosball table weigh should be well for optimum stability. Aggressive play is readily feasible if it’s too light to move the table. Competitive adults will find the best-fixed table for aggressive play, weighing minimum 200 livres. Others find that more lightweight tables can range between 100 to 200 pounds are sufficient and make transport reasonably straightforward. Portable models are much smaller, and although these tabletop games play, non-skid feet help minimizes slipping.

Unit Sort:

Foosball tables make in various table styles. Pick the table depending on the available space. Standard foosball tables are about 30 cm across and 5 feet high, weighing a hundred pounds. For competitive athletic sports, teams stand on one side of the table. If you have space, you can carry your home with a typical table to the foosball tournament. Café table foosball games are a decent alternative for anyone who has little to no space for a dedicated piece of furniture. These tables come in the height & size of the coffee tables that have a glass top. In the other side of the table, two men kneel to play.

Degree Of Skill:

Adults and Children’s who only learn to play and who rarely play for fun will be happy with a table at the entry stage. But for those who are serious in playing the game and want to better their ability will enjoy first-class knowledge. 11⁄2″ thick side rails add toughness. Foosball counter-weighted men with pointed toes crossed have improved ball stability. Textured balls are perfect for skill development since they bring in toes grip and play best on the surface. Stop shiny balls of silicone.

Preferences To Gameplay:

The play style relies on the material on the board, the foos, the rods and the ball. Hard, smooth surfaces are ideal for comfortable playing and bouncing. Sticky or textured surfaces have more precision and power. Specific tables blend elements to create a balance of speed and technology. American foosball tables differ significantly in building and designs and mix traditional materials and types with European tables for a unique playing experience. To ensure that you get the product you want, be very vigilant about the scale, weight and material requirements specified by the supplier.

Counter balanced Men:

Counterweighted foos men have a weight equal to the importance of their toes in their heads. The foos men remain in a horizontal position due to this counterweight (or counterbalance) structure. The heaviest toe will pull down without the counterweight and interrupt the player’s approach.

Objective Settings:

Although many soccer tables have one goalie, others have three goalies on each side. The design of the goal has to do with the playing surface. Single goalie tables have ramped corners, driving the ball back to the centre, whereas three-goal players are smooth. The flat surface and triple target configuration are cheaper. Many experts consider this style of table for beginners to be a basic table.

Area Of The Playing:

Playfields may be smooth, rampant at the corners or bent in the direction of the centerline. European tables with ramped corners have single goalies to drive the ball into play. Typically, these tables stress rpm—American flat playfields in a layout that highlights three targets’ passing use. Curved playfields use to improve medium field play in Spanish tables. The ball goes to the centerline, and players need a uniquely unique back pinning strategy to search the ball.

Rods Play:

Wooden or tacky, octagonally-shaped handles have the most excellent control and the least risk of sliding.

Further Features:

Another critical aspect of a high-quality table is leg levelers and a stable base. A level table means the ball is played on the playground equally. Broad metal feet with threaded grading machines curl in and out for the optimal positioning of each corner’s height. A stable platform prevents positions and wiggles in the table. Pedestal foundations also form a stable platform. Additional functions added to the game’s overall aesthetic. Graphics and decals can help customize the table, for instance, with preferred team names. The game is also made possible by scoreboards, drinking keeper, table covers and other accessories.

Our Top Range:

The following foosball tables constrain by the shopping mentioned above considerations. You can choose from multiple choices regardless of whether you are looking for a good-quality table or something for kicking around.

Foosball table KICK Legend 45

This durable table weighs 143 pounds and has a 1⁄2 inch wide play area, 5-inch threaded leg levels, 5/28″ semi-solid stainless steel, chrome-plated player rods with simple ABS handles and premium bearings. An elegant chest-coated board and looks more like fine furniture than an arcade game. The table constructs with attractive swooping linen, with beautiful chestnut colour. The table also has easy ball returns at each end and diaphragm score at each end. It can set up to the individual goalie or triple goalie’s player preference. Two official Luxury balls and two KICK Soccer Type balls include in this kit. Note: You can contact the company immediately after purchase to order a rod lubricant delivered free of charge separately. To learn more click here.

56″ Foosball Table Atomic Pro-Force

The 56′′ foosball table at Atomic Pro-Force is a full-sized premium table with a value price. It is constructed out of solid MDF wood with elegant laminated bamboo, has strong legs, 31⁄2-inch threaded leg levelers, and steel components. The table features hand scoreboards on end, built-in end ball returns, and hollow, octagonal rubber handling rods in chromium steel. This table of 60 pounds is sufficiently light to pass quickly but sturdy enough to remain in position during play. Add additional protection with anti-skid pads on foot. The table design with a setup of three goals and has 26 players of the robot. To learn more click here.

Foosball Table Tornado

Consider the Tornado Foosball Table, which makes with durable, competent materials and fabrication for severe foosball enjoyment and ferocity. Elegant, black leather textured, laminate finish and heavy-duty corners feature a 1/2-inch thick cabinet. For industrial leg levellers, the legs are flexible while the rods are in hollow steel with a thickness of 1⁄8″ and sturdy natural wood with octagonal handles. In the middle of the field is the 3⁄4-inch laminate frame with the Tornado mark. This table constructs with one side ball and a three-goal player flat floor. It contains a maximum of 26 counterbalanced foos men. The foos men made for an excellently handled ball with a sharp toe edge and fully crossed foot. To learn more click here.

Outdoor Foosball Table Garlando Master PRO

The Garlando Master PRO might be the table for them if the backyard Foosball tournaments sound like fun. The professional outdoor game has a 20-mm waterproof plastic and wood plywood cabinet with nylon ball-bearing bars attached to the cabinet. The folding legs are metal with threaded levellers that are powder-coated—the playbacks made of hollow, 16 mm steel and cover with chromium plating on three layers. Men move directly on the bars with sturdy (blue and red) plastic foos. You cannot move; you can’t move to hold your positions exactly. In nylon bearings, anti-pinching stainless steel roller layers allow bars to play rapidly and reduce brace fatigue. The playing field composes green laminate plastics, and the foosball field lines print silkscreen with UV covered moisture-free ink that is unfadeable. This table design for a single goalie matches with banked corners. It has pliable legs for fast handling, telescopic safety pickup rods, a playfield for rapid action and weather resistance, and scoreboards in abacus form. It has ten balls and weights of about 165 libraries. To learn more click here.

Table Foosball Gaming Wood 42″ BARRINGTON

This attractive glass-topped coffee table features sturdy 27⁄8-inch wood building, 3⁄8-inch heat-tempered glass tops and an additional shelf below it. The foosball game has lightweight, 3-inch diameter chrome-plated, wood handgrips, and the foos men have nice looks and lots of fun. To learn more click here.

Foosball Tabletop Rally and Roar

Padded leg safety systems for use on a tabletop are available on the Rally and Roar foosball tabletop. The game consists of a 16-pound playing field with three targets. There are three goalies, three defensives, and three offensive players in each of the nine foos set out of sturdy, lightweight ABS material. The poles made of 1/2 inch rods of steel and ergonomic rubber handles are slip-resistant. The game comes with two foosballs in ready to play form and is in pre-assembled state. To learn more click here.

Mainstreet Classics 36” Tabletop Foosball Table

As enjoyable as foosball is, it is hardly feasible to get a full-sized table. So what makes a solid choice for this tabletop model? Perhaps it is the authenticity of the field and the animated players. Or maybe it’s the scale of the lightweight that makes great portability possible. The main straight mini soccer table has a length of almost 37″ and a width of 20.” It sits 11″ from the surface of the match. This mini foosball table is perfect for children and young adults. However, don’t delude by the lightweight. The joints are reliable. This table hardens to the right positions, meaning you can work the rods with more strength than many mini foosball tables. You will love the single goalie system if you value practical hockey on a tabletop. You do not, though, appreciate the fact that there is no scorecard.

  • Ergonomic handling
  • Good building structure and consistency.
  • Setup of a practical team

To learn more click here.

T&S 27” Tabletop Foosball

Mini foosball game T&S has a length of roughly 27″ and a width of 20.”  As you would imagine, the table is on four legs. Still, directly after assembly, it is not fit for any support surface. You will scratch a wooden table with your legs without rubber covering at the foot. Naturally, padding may also apply to the table. Fortunately, the assembly takes little to no time to change relative to sure of its immediate rivals. There are three rows of three players each for each class. The rods have regular plastic handles and are not too incredible, but they fit fine grooves for better grip. To learn more click here.

Sport Team FX40 40-Inch Foosball Tabletop

The FX40 Foosball table Sport Squad is one of the market’s most significant tabletops for foosball. It is larger than most top-of-the-table foosball versions, making it both adult and children’s. It makes metal and MDF combinations, which make it very durable. It’s rapid to assemble tabletop soccer, which is the biggest gain. Grips aren’t flat. They won’t glide. While the players are not robotic, they have a tilt foot with excellent control of the ball. If you look at the tabletop soccer game’s price, it’s a good table, since the products are all right and the price is low. It’s a very OK tabletop, and you will enjoy this tabletop when you’re looking for something simple and inexpensive. To learn more click here.

Westminster Foosball Table

This foosball tabletop foosball in Westminster is also a compact foosball bench for the tabletop, making it the perfect portable soccer table for foosball. The style is right because it suits girls, but not so good quality. The whole table consists of average materials of consistency and is not very durable. On both sides of the table, there are two aluminum rods which are perfect for infants. This table foosball table will suggest as a cadeau to a kid who hasn’t play foosball yet. You will see whether or not a significant hit is on the foosball tabletop. If so, then purchase a higher quality deck, but if not, it’s cooling, as the tabletop price is low. Often, note that the tabletop isn’t the only one and it should be only for children who don’t know what soccer is? To learn more click below.

T&S Foosball Tabletop Tabletop Playing

This desk is an excellent commodity because it is one of the most extensive decks on the market. It’s a mix of foosball table and foosball because it has tiny legs. I will eliminate the legs from the table because I believe it’s more secure than the table as a table. The case makes of wood that looks stronger and longer than the MDF tablets. The table includes three rods on each side, smaller than the genuine Foo, making them safer for children. I would not suggest it for children under the age of 7 since they have to handle 3 rods concurrently.

Even I can’t understand how four children can play the table at once because of the number of rods. The handles are rubber, and the only drawback is that they get away from the rods too quickly. Overall, the foosball table is pretty good at the price. To learn more click below.

36-Inch Tabletop Foosball Table

Main Street Classics make with the GLD items popular in the field of sports. The whole foosball table consists of a plastic and MDF mix and is very sturdy. This foosball table made for children aged 12 years or older and is thus not appropriate for young children. Players made of plastic and break into teams of blue and red. The tabletop has three rods on each side, and the legs supply with leg levels, but I agree even without legs the game would be fair.

On each end and scoring system over each goal, the tabletop has end ball return. The table includes the graphics on the case, making it an ideal gift for your children for Christmas. This tabletop is longer lasting than any other tabletop but can be better still. I think it is not feasible for tabletops to have short legs. To learn more click below.